Explore Simple Print Techniques

Cardboard drypoint and photopolymer printmaking
This workshop reveals the wonders of cardboard drypoint and photopolymer printmaking — simple printmaking processes which can be translated to the classroom. A relatively new type of drypoint cardboard plate will be used that can be inscribed with lines of different qualities. Areas of the plate surface can be cut and removed to expose dark velvety areas when inked and printed. Textures can be created by using the etching press to impress different materials into the surface of the cardboard plate. On day two drawings or digital files will be used to create a photopolymer plate, which can be printed intaglio and in relief as well.

No previous printmaking experience required.

Two day workshop 10am-5pm. Workshop fee includes gst, vegetarian lunches and materials kit. Maximum 4 people.

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Location Agave Print Studio
9 Bowen Street
Trentham, Vic
0414 891 952