Dianne Longley

Dianne was born in Sydney but grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in central NSW and after high school went to art school in Newcastle from 1975-78. In 1979 she moved to Adelaide and ran a printmaking studio from 1991-2014.

In 1998 Dianne published ‘Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates’, a book about working with photopolymer plates (solarplates). She is currently working on a PhD thesis with Prof. Sasha Grishin at ANU. Dianne gained a BVA from Hunter Institute of Higher Education NSW in 1979, and a research MA from Flinders University SA in 2000.

Dianne has taught workshops and classes in photopolymer printmaking and artist books in Australia, USA, Japan, and the UK, and has taught printmaking and other subjects at a range of tertiary institutions.

She created her first limited edition book as a student in 1978. Since then she has continued to make a wide range of artist books and folios. Her books have been included in many national and international exhibitions and in 1994 she won the Fremantle Print Artist’s Book Award for ‘Night Sea Crossing’.

In 2013 Dianne exhibited at Brenda May Gallery in Sydney and in 2014 at The Art Vault in Mildura. She curated ‘The Time Element’ for exhibition at Light Gallery at The Centre for Creative Photography in Adelaide in October 2014 and at Gold Street Studios Gallery, East Trentham in 2015. In Nov-Dec Dianne was in a group exhibition of printmakers at Tacit Contemporary Art in Abbotsford.

Dianne is the contact person for Enjay Presses in the Goldfields area, and uses an Enjay press at AGAVE PRINT STUDIO in Trentham.

More information about Dianne is available on diannelongley.com.au


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