AGAVE PRINT STUDIO offers custom printing services, providing artists with an opportunity to make editions of prints. Dianne has printed for Anna Platten (prints for the Art Gallery of South Australia), Michael Zavros, Caroline Rannersberger, Melissa Coote, Dianne Gall and many others. Intaglio and relief plates/blocks can be editioned, or you can work with Dianne to produce plates as well.

A lot of communication can be undertaken via emailed photographs of work in progress and phone calls, and many editions have been produced this way. Artists can also come and stay in the A-frame accommodation and be part of the printmaking process.

Fees for producing plates and editioning are calculated according to the scale and complexity of each project.

Contact me for custom printing enquiries.


Anna Platten, intaglio photopolymer print, 2013

Anna Platten, intaglio photopolymer print, 2013