Photopolymer Print Examples by Dianne Longley

Contingent Ambiguity series

Digital files to photopolymer plates
These images by Dianne Longley were printed for the folio, ‘Contingent Ambiguity’ using Printight KM73 photopolymer plates. The images were created in Adobe Photoshop using photographs of myself, fabric textures, and found images. The files were taken to a film bureau where a film was produced using a stochastic screen (cristal raster/mezzotint) rather than a halftone screen. Thus, the tonal changes in the images resemble the continuous tone quality of a photographic print. By manipulating the exposure time, black lines can be wahsed out more deeply so that you can combine intaglio lines and continuous tone on the one plate.The plates were inked and printed using traditional intaglio printing techniques. An edition of 12 folios was produced.

Otherworldly print series

Multiple plates with hand-drawn images on film
These images by Dianne Longley were printed from Miraclon MS43 polymer plates. Each plate was double exposed using a CristalRaster (random dot) screen. A drawing using a technical pen onto double-matt drafting film was used to create a film positive for the line work and tonal washes were used to create the backgrounds. The background plate was inked intaglio with a transparent rust colour, and a very pale green relief colour roll was added before printing. The line plate was inked in a variety of colours and then printed in register with the background plate onto Arches Rives 270gsm Warm White paper.

Golden Rose series

Relief prints from digital files
These prints by Dianne Longley were made in 1995 for a folio The Golden Rose. The prints combine traditional print techniques with digital imaging processes. Drawn elements were scanned and developed in Adobe Photoshop. The images were then taken to a film bureau and printed to film. The film was exposed onto Torelief WS95 photopolymer plates. The plates were inked in relief inks and printed onto Velin Arches 300 gsm paper. Small details in the prints were then hand-coloured.

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