Process – Relief Print

Relief Plate Processing

Wash-out for a relief plate takes much longer than intaglio wash-out. Relief plates can be washed out to the metal backing for use as embossing or letterpress plates. Ensure a longer drying time as the plates have been in the water for a longer washing time than intaglio plates. I ink and then print relief plates on an etching press, using 4 sheets of non-creased newsprint, and my Japanese paper on top of the plate and no felts. The pressure should just be enough for the plate to print onto Japanese paper (non-dampened), without embossing. If I print relief prints onto rag papers I slightly dampen the paper.



 relWash11  intWash21
9. For a relief print place the plate in a tray of tepid water and scrub the surface of the plate with a natural bristle brush using a gentle circular motion. Continue washing away the unexposed polymer until you have enough depth in the relief structure. 10. After the required wash-out is achieved, wipe the plate surface with a relatively dry sponge to remove any excess moisture from the surface of the plate.
 drying31  postExp4
11. Dry the surface of the plate with a fan heater or hair dryer for 5 minutes on a warm setting. 12. Post expose the plate for the same time as the first exposure or until there are no sticky wash-out areas.
 relInk5  relPri6
13. For a relief print use a relatively hard roller and a thin layer of ink. 14. Print the plate onto undampened Japanese papers or lightly dampened Western papers through an etching press.