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Miraclon DS94 – This plate is not being brought into Australia anymore, Karen is sourcing a new plate to replace the DS94 for artists working with photopolymer plates. Karen O’Meara
Avflex Pty Ltd
118-110 Carnarvon Street
Silverwater NSW 2128
Tel: 02 9748-2577
Fax: 02 9748 2525
New plates to be advised.

Printight KM43GS
Printight KM58GS
Printight KM73GR
Printight KM95GR
Printight KM95
Ben Castledine
7/56 Palmer Street
Fitzroy  3065
Tel:  03 9417 5322
Mobile:  0407 551 790
Printight KM43, KM58, KM73 and KM95
Steel back plates are available in packs of 10 x A2 plates.
Currently I am using KF95 for letterpress work. 

 Torelief WS95 Graham Hill
NSW Graphic Supplies
3 Dunn StreetPoint
Frederick NSW 2250
Tel: 02 4322-4060
Fax: 02 4322 3970
Torelief WS95 Steel/Film Back

UV Exposure Units Stephen Twohig is working on an A2UV exposure unit with vacuum and non-vacuum units. Developments will be updated as they come to hand. A2UV vacuum unit currently being trialed at Agave Print Studio.
A3UV vacuum unit in construction

UV Exposure Unit Silvi Glattauer has developed an A2UV LED exposure unit with her father Tom Glattauer. This unit has been developed for the direct-to-plate method. For information download PDF.

If you have a photopolymer plate supplier or other supplier of equipment useful for artists that you would like to add to this list contact