UV exposure units

Purchase a UV Exposure Unit



UV Exposure Unit (no vacuum) 260 x 210mm. These small non-vacuum units are available from eBay. I use them for line art plates (not good for tonal work as the lamps are too far apart) and post-exposing small plates in my studio.


LED UV exposure unit by Tom Glattauer. 800w x 800d x 400h mm. Made in Melbourne, Australia. Information PDF download. You can also view this unit on youTube:  https://youtu.be/eUjFsPWWYM8


News on upcoming UV exposure units

I am currently testing an A2UV unit with vacuum made in Melbourne, I have a prototype in my studio and Stephen is considering making an A2 and an A3 vacuum unit. As well I am about to  test an A2 LED vacuum unit from China.


Home-made UV exposure unit

I have plans for a UV exposure unit, which can expose up to A2 photopolymer plates, using fluorescent tubes, and a vacuum cleaner. I find that A2 line and tone plates are easily made but for photographic photopolymer work, I can only go to A3. The unit can be made by a person with woodworking skills, but it requires an electrician to do the electrical wiring and would suit home studio use. The file is about 11mb. I can email the file to you, perhaps clear your email mailbox first.




What is the code on the fluorescent tubes in the homemade large UV unit?

The code on the 60cm fluorescent tubes in the large unit is: NEC Blacklight F120SBL 20 watt T10 Japan

The code on my smaller unit, using 30cm fluorescent tubes is: F8T5BL Taiwan