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of Photopolymer Plate
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Plate Types
Miraclon DS94Karen O’Mera
Avflex Pty Ltd
118-110 Carnarvon Street
Silverwater NSW 2128
Tel: 02 9748-2577
Fax: 02 9748 2525
Miraclon DS94 Steel back

Miraclon DS94Graphic Art Supplies
77 King William Street
Kent Town SA 5067
Tel: 08 8363-4466
Fax: 08 8363-4464

Miraclon DS94 Steel back A4 and A2 available

Miraclon DF94 Film back

Miraclon DS43 Steel back

Printight KM43GS
Printight KM58GS
Printight KM73GR
Printight KM95GR
Ben Castledine
7/56 Palmer Street
Fitzroy  3065
Tel:  03 9417 5322
Mobile:  0407 551 790
Printight KM43, KM58, KM73 and KM95 Steel back plates are available in packs of 10 x A2 plates

 Torelief WS95Graham Hill
NSW Graphic Supplies
3 Dunn StreetPoint
Frederick NSW 2250
Tel: 02 4322-4060
Fax: 02 4322 3970
Torelief WS95 Steel/Film Back

UV Exposure UnitsCreative Printers of London (CPL)
Unit B6, Bernard Road,
Danes Road Industrial Estate
Romford, Essex RM7 0HX.
(United Kingdom)
Ultra MK2 UV exposure unit 260 x 210mm
AY321 350 x 535mm Vacuum UV unit
AY360 575 x 680mm Vacuum UV unit

If you have a photopolymer plate supplier in Australia or overseas that you would like to add to this list of information, please contact me.

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