Brands of Photopolymer Plate

Supplier Contact Details

Plate Sizes/Packs

Metal backed plates:
Printight KM95
Printight KM73

Film backed plates:
Printight KF95
Printight KF153

Karen O’Meara
Avflex Pty Ltd

118-110 Carnarvon Street
Silverwater NSW 2128
Tel: 02 9748-2577
Fax: 02 9748 2525

10 or 20 plates can be purchased in A4 or A2 size.

Metal backed plates:
Printight KM73GR
Printight KM95GR
Printight KM152GR

Film backed plates:
Printight KF95GC
Printight KF152GD

Ben Castledine

7/56 Palmer Street
Fitzroy 3065
Mobile: 0407 551 790

1.52mm (KF/KM152) products are packed 10 x A2 sheets per whole/sealed box.
KF/KM73 and KF/KM95 products have 2 packs x 10 x A2 sheets per sealed box, but can be split and re-packed into a 1 x 10 sheet order.
Freight and re-packing to be charged extra, if required.

Metal backed plates:
Printight KM73GR
Printight KM95GR

Film backed plates:
Printight KF95MC
Printight KF152GD

Currie Group
Unit 14, 2 Eden Park Drive,
Macquarie Park  NSW  2113
1800 338 131

Minimum order is 20 x A2 plates for all products but the KF152GD is available in a pack of 10 x A3 plates.

Torelief WS95

Graham Hill
NSW Graphic Supplies
3 Dunn Street
Point Frederick NSW 2250
Tel: 02 4322-4060
Fax: 02 4322 3970

Torelief WS95 Steel/Film Back

If you have a photopolymer plate supplier in Australia or overseas that you would like to add to this list of information, please contact me.

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