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Customised workshop – this is a 3-day workshop for a minimum of 2 people ($840 pp), but you can create a group of 3 or maximum 4 participants. You can suggest your preferred dates once you have selected the workshop options below.

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This is an exciting workshop which combines photographic images with drawing creating strong graphic prints. Using the cliché verre technique of producing hand-drawn photographic images, we will draw into a film negative to create cyanotypes, and then make a photopolymer plate. A unique approach to a little known process.

Cliché-verre originated in the 1830s as a method of producing hand-drawn photographic images. A glass plate was prepared with a ground of (usually) printer’s ink and the drawing was made with an etching needle. The plate became a photographic negative and exposure to the sun transferred the drawing to a light-sensitive paper. Later artists such as Ernst, Brassai and Picasso experimented and adapted this technique. Brassai drew and etched into exposed photographic glass plates, and then contact printed the images which combine photographs and drawing. His Transmutations series is an excellent example of this process.

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to apply contemporary techniques to an historical process, which was an interesting combination of drawing and photographic processing. The cliché verre printmaking workshop is only offered over a 3 or 4 day workshop.

The workshop fees include gst, morning tea and a light vegetarian lunches. A materials kit is provided as part of the workshop fee, but additional materials can be purchased during the workshop.

Cliché Verre printmaking – photography and drawing – 3 day workshop $840

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