The absurdity of human existence is shown in the cartoon-like characters and the mad stories they enact. The actor in an exotic architectural space is a central dynamic. Characters are variously beset by antagonistic tricksters, wicked witches, monsters and devils, false prophets, suitors and clowns.

The print is a combination of a photopolymer plate printed using the chine collé technique whereby a layer of Japanese paper with inkjet printed colour is adhered to the carrier sheet of paper when printed through the etching press.

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Twilight Serenade for You
intaglio, inkjet chine collé
print 21 x 15 cm, 2015
paper Somerset Soft Velvet 250gsm 38 x 28 cm
unframed, edition of 12

Twilight Serenade

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Dimensions 40 × 50 × 1 cm
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