Collaboration and Residency Options at Agave Print Studio with Dianne Longley

There are many ways you can visit and work at Agave Print Studio. We can individually tailor your time in the studio with options for specialist tuition or collaboration or a creative fun experience. Beginners with an urge to explore a print process are welcome, as are experienced printmakers and artists wanting to edition prints or collaborate to make fine art prints. One-day adventures are offered as well as residencies over days or weeks.

Consider what you might like to do!

Are you a beginner wanting a creative retreat to try some introductory print techniques?

Maybe you are a printmaker wanting a break from city life to work in a beautiful rural studio.

Or you might be an experienced printmaker wanting to have solo use of the studio to edition your prints.

Possibly you are a printmaker or artist wanting to collaborate with Dianne on creating fine art prints.

Or a printmaker wanting a little tuition or troubleshooting time but mainly wanting to engage with their practice at their own pace during their stay.


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