Agave Print Studio offers experienced printmakers access to professional printmaking studio facilities. You can create prints in a relaxed rural environment.

Agave Print Studio promotes a safe work environment. Citrus solvent is used as a substitute for mineral turpentine. It is environmentally friendly and has a pleasant citrus smell. Citrus solvent cleans rollers, photopolymer and metal plates, lino and wood blocks. I also use a mixture of 80% methylated spirits and 20% eucalyptus in a spray bottle. The eucalyptus is made in Victoria and sold online and at local produce markets. This mixture is a great cleaner for the polycarbonate sheet on my Enjay press bed under which I place my registrations sheets. And it cleans ink traces on my glass bench tops.

With large windows you can listen to the kookaburras while you print and kangaroos and birds can be seen from the studio windows. There is a full kitchen so you can make some lunch or warm up a bowl of soup in the winter. There is also a range of shops and cafes within walking distance to buy lunch.

There is also a beautiful garden at Agave Print Studio where you can take a wander or sit and ‘be’ in the garden.

Professional studio equipment:
Enjay E34 etching press with an 86 x 160 cm bed
1950s Western letterpress printing press with A3 printing area
1890s Model No.2 bench letterpress machine
1940s Ajax Major bench letterpress machine
A3+ galley press, for letterpress posters
A2/A4 UV vacuum exposure units for photopolymer plates

Letterpress plate-making UV exposure unit
Paper guillotine for paper/card trimming
Large glass benches
Quality large and medium rollers
Large drying rack and drying boards
Electric stapler for small books and pamphlets

Access printmaking fee:
Groups to 4 people: 10am-5pm $50 each person per day.
Individual studio access: 10am-5pm $80 per day. Fee is negotiable for multiple sessions.

Papers, inks and plates are not included in the access fee. Some rags and solvents (eucalyptus oil, citrus solvent, etc) are available for use when cleaning up.

Contact Dianne for studio access bookings.

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