If you would like to learn a particular technique you can book a session to work with Dianne on an hourly or daily rate. 

One-to-one tuition: 10am-5pm $550 per day or $110 per hour. Plus any printmaking materials used.
Zoom online one-to-one tuition/troubleshooting $55 for 30 mins $88 for 1 hour
Prices include gst and a light lunch if you book for the day.

Zoom tuition/troubleshooting is useful for followup problem solving after workshops or collaborations at Agave Print Studio.

If you want to learn a particular printmaking technique and also have colleagues who are interested you can also book to do a workshop in the techniques your group would like to explore. This is especially useful as many of the techniques I teach are safe and have an amazing range of expressive possibilities. My workshops page will give you an idea of the range of the techniques and processes I specialise in.

Please contact Dianne to discuss your ideas or make a booking.

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