Studio Facilities

AGAVE PRINT STUDIO has facilities for etching, relief printing, letterpress, monoprinting and specialist photopolymer equipment, in a professional studio with rural views.


  • Enjay E34 etching press with an 86 x 160 cm bed
  • 1950s Western letterpress with A3 printing area
  • 1890s Model No.2 hand-printing letterpress machine
  • A3+ galley press, thermograph machine
  • A3 UV vacuum exposure unit for photopolymer plates
  • A4 UV vacuum exposure unit for photopolymer plates
  • Paper guillotine for paper/card trimming
  • Glass benches for inking
  • Quality rollers
  • Lightbox
  • Large drying rack and drying boards
  • Electric stapler for small books and pamphletsAgave_Studio_17

The studio is a large open space, with fluorescent lights. The studio can be darkened with blinds and curtains for photopolymer work. There is a kitchen and dining table, as well as work tables and benches.

Prior to using the facilities at AGAVE PRINT STUDIO you will be shown how to use the equipment and materials safely.

Enjay Presses

Dianne is the contact person for Enjay Presses in the Goldfields area, and has an Enjay press at her studio in Trentham if you would like to see the press or test-run a print! Her first press was a 1970s motorised Enjay, which she bought in 1991 from the South Australian School of Art when they wanted to replace their motorised presses with manual ones.