Minimum cost $1,120.00

Customised workshop – this is a 2-day workshop for a minimum of 2 people ($560 pp), but you can create a group of 3 or maximum 4 participants. You can suggest your preferred dates once you have selected the workshop options below.

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Enhance and transform your drawings, prints (intaglio, block, letterpress) and photographs to create beautiful images on wooden panels, protected and enhanced with encaustic medium. Encaustic medium gives your images greater intensity (and protection), through a translucent layer of wax. Consider creating unique works that can be presented in a gallery (without framing).

This workshop is offered as a 2-day workshop for 2, 3 or 4 participants.

Fee includes gst, a light lunch (vegetarian options) and materials kit including encaustic medium (purified beeswax and damar resin*), GAC 100 sealer, Evasol glue, and use of brushes, tools, hot air guns, hotplates, pigment sticks, gold foil.

Wooden panels of various sizes are purchased separately so participants can select the size they wish to work with.  
30 x 30 cm wooden panel – $30  :  30 x 25 cm wooden panel – $25  :  25 x 20 cm wooden panel – $20

Encaustic Works on Wooden Panels – 2 day workshop $560 pp

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1 day, 2 days

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1 person, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people

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