Dianne Longley – Agave Print Studio

Agave Print Studio is currently closed due to COVID-19.
This printmaking studio at Trentham, in the central highlands of Victoria, offers the following:

  • workshops in printmaking

  • access studio

  • editioning and collaborations

  • one-to-one tuition

  • printmaking residencies

  • accommodation

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Gift Vouchers available for Workshops, Classes and Accommodation.

In 2014 Dianne moved from Adelaide to Trentham in the Central Highlands of Victoria. Her artwork includes printmaking, encaustic, oil and pokerwork on wooden panels; artist books; on-glaze porcelain; and small scale bronze casting. Find out more about Dianne’s work, visit diannelongley.com.au

In 1998 Dianne published ‘Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates’ and has taught workshops and classes in photopolymer printmaking in Australia, Greece, USA, Japan and the UK and has taught printmaking and other subjects at a range of tertiary institutions.

Dianne opened AGAVE PRINT STUDIO in November 2014 to coincide with the Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios event. AGAVE PRINT STUDIO offers workshops for printmakers: studio access and residencies: printmaking collaborations: editioning services: and group classes.

The 1970s A-frame situated in picturesque Trentham is a wonderful studio space, with large windows, excellent light, upstairs accommodation, and professional printmaking facilities for intaglio and relief printmaking and letterpress printing. Dianne’s vision is to create a wonderful studio for printmakers, with comfortable accommodation in a beautiful rural setting. A produce garden is underway so that visitors staying at Agave can harvest fruit and vegetables. Wombat Forest is a short walk away, as are the local shops.

The name AGAVE PRINT STUDIO was inspired by the array of Agave plants which grow in a remarkable range of terrains and climates. Agaves were the source of many essential items; including fibres for clothing, medicines, poisons for arrowheads, building materials and food. The Agave provided so many essential materials that it became known as El Arbol de las Maravillas (The Tree of Wonders). The Agave species can survive on very little and produces beautiful flowers. It only flowers at the end of its long life and after flowering the plant dies but produces suckers or shoots from its base, which continue its growth.

9 Bowen Street, Trentham, Vic 3458  – View Google Map