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Dianne Longley opened Agave Print Studio in November 2014 in a 1970s A-frame situated in picturesque Trentham. Offering workshops for printmakers, studio access and residencies, printmaking collaborations, editioning services and one-to-one tuition Agave Print Studio is a professional studio for intaglio and relief/letterpress printmaking. Dianne specialises in safer print techniques such as photopolymer printmaking and using citrus solvents and eucalyptus for cleaning up.
Dianne has taught workshops and classes in photopolymer printmaking and artist books in Australia, USA, Japan, Greece and the UK, and has taught printmaking and other subjects at a range of tertiary institutions.

Dianne Longley

Dianne’s aesthetic is based on intricate design, a complex conceptual or narrative framework and the highest production values. Her works are complex, carefully balanced and nuanced compositions that draw together cultural histories and a wide range of artistic techniques. Chris Reid, February 2013

Dianne is currently a master printmaker at Agave Print Studio, an access printmaking studio established in 2014 at Trentham, Victoria. She has been an exhibiting artist for four decades, and has work in national and international collections. Dianne was born in Sydney but grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in central NSW and after high school went to art school in Newcastle from 1975-78. In 1979 she moved to Adelaide and ran a printmaking studio from 1991-2014. In 1998 Dianne published ‘Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates’, a book about working with photopolymer plates (solarplates). In 2018 she was awarded her PhD (thesis on printmaking in SA) from ANU. Dianne previously gained a BVA from Hunter Institute of Higher Education NSW in 1979, and a research MA from Flinders University SA in 2000.

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If you have any queries contact Dianne on 0414891952. And  please continue to explore and discover new website content as time and resources allow.

Purchase artworks by Dianne, prints and other small artworks.

A Stouffer Wedge is a strip of continuous tone film with a range of greys between 100% black and 0% white or clear on the strip.

These random dot screens are imagesetter film, 80% black. Also called stochastic screen, aquatint screen, solarplate screen.  in A4-A3-A2.

My new book ‘Photopolymer Plate Printmaking: a multifaceted approach’ has a much wider scope of techniques and processes than my first book, many of which I have developed over time in my studio or in some cases, gained knowledge from colleagues and workshop participants.

Agave Print Studio acknowledges the traditional owners of Australia. I express my gratitude in sharing this great land and I am sorry for the personal, spiritual and cultural costs of that sharing.
I hope to walk forward in harmony with the Dja Dja Warrung people.

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