Tip 1: Flattening Prints on Japanese Paper

Flattening Prints on Japanese Paper

Let the freshly printed images dry on a drying rack or on a clean table. Wait until the ink is dry. Relief printed images on Japanese paper dry more quickly than intaglio prints.
After the ink has dried, I either re-dampen the printed image by placing the cockled print on dampened paper or brushing the back of the print with spring water using a Japanese water brush. Read more…

First or Second, Before or After? Random Dot Screen Exposure on Intaglio Photopolymer Plates.

In this test I was investigating the difference in the printed intaglio image when the random dot screen is exposed either before the film positive or after the film positive. It is difficult to ascertain the differences in images on the internet, but I have endeavoured to describe what I saw when I magnified each image. Read more…

Miraclon DS94C comparison with Printight KM95GR photopolymer plates.

Report on Miraclon DS94C and Printight KM95GR photopolymer plates

Karen O’Meara, Sales Coordinator from Avflex Australia, Silverwater, NSW sent me a sample of Printight KM95GR plate, which is the replacement plate for their previous supply of Kodak Miraclon DS94C photopolymer plate.

I have tested the replacement plate, doing the same film image on both plates, with similar plate exposure, processing and inking and printing at Agave Print Studio. Read more…